Sk8 or Die!

The following pictures are from a photo-shoot I did last March, it was my first attempt in bridging two of my passions, fetish and skateboarding, which I've been into since I was 11 years old.

I had a 'Skate or Die' theme in mind, the results are ok and I will probably use them for another project of mine, which involves my third passion, which is videogames, and my present occupation, which is video game design.
But more to come on this subject, later on...

In the meanwhile, I've set myself the short term goal of photo-shooting my first action skate project, my attempts this last years were unfruitful but I promised to myself, that in 2011, I will have at least a couple of skate action shots in my portfolio and if I'm lucky some snowboard ones also.

And maybe, one day, I might have one of my shots on the cover of Trasher magazine ^-^

Please take note that the pictures included are not final drafts.
The model is CloƩ La Rouge.


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